How do I adjust the speed?

To set the speed in-game, use the Up and Down buttons on your keyboard. This adjusts the speed by 0.5x. If you hold down Alt, the speed is adjusted by 0.1x instead.

There is a huge audio latency! Can it be fixed?

As a web-based game, it does not have low-level access to the audio driver. There are many factors that affect the audio latency in this game (and web-based audio applications in general):

  • The browser’s implementation of the Web Audio technology
  • Your sound card driver and settings on your operating system

Bemuse has a mechanism for delay compensation. Simply open the options screen and enter your system’s audio+input latency. You can click on the “Calibrate” button to find out your system’s audio+input latency.

From my experience, Safari has the lowest latency so far.