To make it easy to adjust the gameplay screen’s appearance, the skin is not built into the game’s source code.


The skin is located at the public/skins/default folder. Inside, you will see several files.

This is the skin file that will be loaded by Bemuse. Do not edit this file, since this file has been generated from the skin template.
This is the skin template that is used to generate skin.xml. It is written in Jade language.
A YAML file describing global variables available to the skin template.
A Gulp script to compile the template into skin.xml.
Image assets.

Skin Development

Make sure you have already set up the project and started the local development server.

Install Gulp globally, so that you can invoke it directly from the command line:

npm install -g gulp

In another terminal window, cd to the skin’s directory:

cd public/skins/default

Then run Gulp:


This will compile the skin into skin.xml. If you change skin_template.jade or skin_data.yml, the skin is recompiled. Now, you can refresh the browser to see the changes.

Skin Elements

TODO: generate documentation